More about me

More about me

I am a British 48 year old man who has been living in Spain for the past 5 years. I was running a successful holiday rental, but whilst going through a messy seperation, a wildfire destroyed my home. Unfortunately, the property wasn’t insured against fire, so I literally lost everything except my motorbike, bicycle and some tools. Thanks to the generosity of my friends and family, I was able to combine living in Spain with my other passion, which is motorbikes, and I have been running Spanish Motorbike Tours for some time. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the business has had to close temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In March, I found myself living under severe lockdown at my friends farm whilst they are under severe lockdown in another country, only able to go shopping once every 2 weeks, and I had to quickly adapt to cooking good, tasty food, using whatever I could find in the cupboards and fridge. My girlfriend (of just 13 weeks at the start of lockdown) was so impressed with my confidence and ability in the kitchen, she suggested I write about cooking whilst living under the pandemic lockdown to encourage others to try and eat better whilst faced with limited resources.

I haven’t had any formal cooking tuition, I just found myself as comfortable and confident in a kitchen as I do wearing a helmet and riding a motorbike. I make mistakes, less often than I did, but I am also able to work around them and still achieve great results. My presentation may not be restaurant standard, but believe me, the way my food tastes more than makes up for it. I hope this blog will give others the confidence to try something new, push their abilities, and become comfortable to also make mistakes, but learn from them, and one day, start to develop their own recipes.

My first cooking blog was hosted by WordPress, and it proved to be successful, but WordPress was quite limiting with what I could do with the free website and how it looked, unless I upgraded my account. I already had a hosting package for several other websites, so I decided to buy the domain name and self-host the site. Like all blogging sites, it is constantly being updated, so subscribe to my newsletter and receive an email once a month which gives you a selection of new recipes that are on the website.

I am now transferred my recipes from the old website to this one, and I will continue to document new recipes as I cook them. As the previous cooking blog was a hit in such a short space of time, I intend to continue developing this website after the movement restrictions have been lifted, and I have some exciting ideas planned for it over the coming months, including some real-time videos so you can follow my step by step through some of the recipes.

I am aware that some of my photos are of average quality. I used to have a great Nikon D7100 DSLR camera and lenses, in fact photography used to be another passionate hobby of mine until I lost everything in the fire. One day I hope to replace what was lost, for now I have my trusty 5 year old HTC One phone to take photos with.

I hope you enjoy following some of my recipes and following me on my journey to develop my skils in the kitchen, both during and after the pandemic lockdown.