A brief introduction

I’m not a chef but i am passionate about cooking exciting and tasty dishes.

Despite having never had any culinary training, I decided to start the Cooking With Alan website whilst being in severe lockdown in Spain since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I currently live on a remote farm with limited kitchen facilities. The farm belongs to my friend, who is in lockdown in the UK. I do a food-shop only every two weeks. These factors create many cooking challenges. I’ve decided to take them on and see what culinary delights I can create.

My own kitchens have always had everything any cook would need to produce anything they want, so the challenge of not only being in someone elses kitchen, but one with limited appliances means I have to work out how to produce the food I want with what I have.

Why do this?

  • I love cooking, and improvising recipes
  • It allows me to keep a record or diary of cooking through the pandemic
  • My reciepe ideas may help others to create meals with what they have in their fridge instead of making an unnecessary journey to buy more produce
  • I enjoy the challenge of cooking great food in a kitchen with just a 3 ring gas hob

I hope you enjoy following my journey, developing my ability in the kitchen whilst trying to satisfy my need for food which is both flavoursome and nutritious.

If you want to read more about me, click here.


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