A Quick and Easy Caffè Mocha

Caffè mocha

Making a caffè mocha is very similar to my recipe for making the perfect latte macchiato, but this time you will add frothy chocolate milk to your coffee.

You will need a moka pot, a milk frother and a milk thermometer.

Fill the base of the moka pot with water to just below the safety valve. Insert the coffee holder, and fill with ground coffee. Clean the rim of the moka pot base and screw on the top of the moka pot.

Put whole milk into the milk jug

Add milk to the milk frother jug. Try to use whole milk, and add some cream if you want a more decadent caffè mocha.

Place the moka pot and milk jug on the hob, and wait until the milk is at the correct temperature, 65-70 degrees centigrade.

Hot espresso in the cups

Pour the coffee into your cup or cups. I put about 1/3 of a cup of coffee in each cup.

Add pure cocoa powder to the hot milk. I put 3 heaped teaspoons of cocoa into the milk to make two cups of caffè mocha, but it depends on the quality of coffee and cocoa, so adjust it to suit your taste. Don’t add the cocoa to cold milk as it will burn to the inside of the jug whilst you are heating the milk.

Froth the chocolate milk in the jug, and then slowly pour it into the cups on top of the hot coffee.

The perfect caffè mocha

Dust with a little cocoa powder, and you have a lovely home-made barista quality caffè mocha.